Dr. Lawrence I. Gaum DDS  FADSA  FICD          oral surgeon

About Dr. Lawrence (Larry) Gaum

  1. Bullet  Oral Surgeon with a private practice in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

  2. Bullet  Graduate of Dalhousie University’s Dental School in Nova Scotia, Canada.

  3. Bullet Practiced general dentistry for five years before taking specialty training in Anesthesia and Oral Surgery at the University of Pittsburgh and Wilmington Medical Centre.

  4. Bullet  Taught for over 20 years at University of Toronto Faculty Of Dentistry, as an Associate in Dentistry.

  5. Bullet  He has lectured extensively throughout Canada, United States and other countries in he subjects of oral surgery, anesthesia and pharmacology.

  6. Bullet  Author of numerous articles on Oral Surgery and Anesthesia published in major dental and medical journals. 

  7. Bullet  Author of the text book “ Oral Surgery for the General Dentist”  and producer of the DVD “Surgical Videos for the General Dentist”.

  8. Bullet  Principal developer of the  “ART” Mandibular Block, used successfully by thousands of dentists around the world.

  9. Bullet  Member of several dental associations in Canada, United States and Europe.  He is a staff member of St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto and is the Director of Global Professional Seminars.